Blimp meets air filtration system. The future of air purification and a solution for smog in major city centers.

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Clean Energy

Wind Turbines meets drone technology meets solar energy. A new way to power cities on the go.

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A new and secure automated way to track and record highly sensitive information exchanged in financial and healthcare industries.

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Welcome to Viracocha

Viracocha was the supreme god of the Incas. He is also known as Huiracocha, Wiraqoca and Wiro Qocha. Considered the creator god he was the father of all other Inca gods and it was he who formed the earth, heavens, sun, moon and all living beings. When he finished his work he was believed to have travelled far and wide teaching humanity and bringing the civilised arts before he headed west across the Pacific, never to be seen again but promising one day to return. In his absence lesser deities were assigned the duty of looking after the interests of the human race but Viracocha was, nevertheless, always watching from afar the progress of his children.


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